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The Clausal Categories and Functions of the Survey Parser

Major Functions Minor Functions
Subject Subject (SU)
Provisional subject (PRSU)
Notional subject (NOSU)
Verb     Verb (VB)
Predicate (PRED)
Object Direct object (OD)
Indirect object (OI)
Provisional object (PROD)
Notional object (NOOD)
Complement Subject complement (CS)
Object complement (CO)
Transitive complement (CT)
Focus complement (CF)
Adverbial Adverbial (A)
Operator Cleft operator (CLOP)
Existential operator (EXOP)
Imperative operator (IMPOP)
Interrogative operator (INTOP)
Inversion operator (INVOP)
Coordinator Coordinator (COOR)
Detached Detached function (DEFUNC)
Discourse     Discourse marker (DISMK)
Element Clause element (ELE)
Focus Focus (FOC)
Linker Linker (LK), under review.
Punctuation Punctuation (PUNC)
Subordinator Subordinator (SUB)

Author: Alex Chengyu Fang - Last updated: 26 September 1997