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The Survey Parser - Automatic Syntactic Parsing

  • Sample Output
  • The Formal Grammar
  • A List of Parsing Symbols
  • Technical Descriptions
  • I started designing the Survey Parser in late 1993 when I was Honorary Research Fellow at the Survey of English Usage (SEU), UCL. At that time, the British component of the International Corpus of English (ICE-GB) was being syntactically parsed through the use of a parsing system developed by the TOSCA Research Group, University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Due to various reasons, about 38% of ICE-GB could not be appropriately handled. When Professor Sidney Greenbaum, then Director of SEU, asked me to design a new parsing system, I bluntly replied, "The last thing I would ever do is to work on a parser!". Four months later, however, I came up with a parsing system which produces either a complete parse or a partial one, and was used to finish the residue of ICE-GB. The syntactic annotation of ICE-GB was completed in due course at the end of 1995. The parser is now variably called Alex's Parser, the Survey Parser, and the ICE Parser.

    Further development of the parsing system was funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC Grant No GR/K75033) in 1995 for two years until September 1997, the project title being Parsing with the Syntactically Analysed ICE Corpus as a Linguistic Knowledge Base. The grant holder was Professor Sidney Greenbaum, and in 1996 Dr Mark Huckvale became the principal investigator.

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    Author: Alex Chengyu Fang - Last updated: 25 September 1997