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The Phrasal Categories and Functions of the Survey Parser

Adverb (AVP) Premodifier (AVPR)
Head (AVHD)
Postmodifier (AVPO)
Adjective (AJP) Premodifier (AJPR)
Head (AJHD)
Postmodifier (AJPO)
Determiner (DTP) Premodifier (DTPR)
Predeterminer (DTPE)
Central determiner (DTCE)
Postdeterminer (DTPS)
Postmodifier (DTPO)
Noun (NP) Determiner (DT)
Premodifier (NPPR)
Head (NPHD)
Postmodifier (NPPO)
Prepositional (PP) Modifier (PMOD)
Prepositional (P)
Complement (PC)
Subordinator (SUBP) Modifier (SUBMO)
Head (SUBHD)
Verb (VP) Operator (OP)
Auxiliary verb (AVB)
Main verb (MVB)

Author: Alex Chengyu Fang - Last updated: 2 October 1997