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AUTASYS - A Fully Automatic English Wordclass Analysis System

A new version for Windows95:

AUTASYS is a menu-driven automatic tagging and lemmatising system that analyses English texts at word-class level with the Lancaster-Oslo-Bergen (LOB) tagset, the International Corpus of English (ICE) tagset, and the �skeleton� tagset (SKELETON), which is the set of base tags from ICE without features. The tagged text can be subsequently lemmatised so that each lexical item is reduced to its base form as presented in a dictionary.

In 1990, I started working on AUTASYS when I was lecturing in the Department of English, the Guandong University of Foreign Studies, PR China, where my research was deeply influenced and informally directed by Professor Gui Shi-chun. In 1987-1992, my research was partially supported by the Guangdong Higher Education Bureau and the State Education Commission, PR China. The work was extended to the ICE tagset when I took up various honorary research positions at the Survey of English Usage, University College London, UK. I gratefully acknowledge the generous support received from the late Professor Sidney Greenbaum.

AUTASYS allows for a range of user-definable options:

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Author: Alex Chengyu Fang - Last updated: 23 September 1997