The Dialogue Systems Group (DSG) is part of the Department of Linguistics and Translation at City University of Hong Kong. The DSG researches into Human Communication through the use of scientific models of dialogue and through their technological application within man-machine dialogue systems. Our work uses large collections of speech and writing as sources of linguistic data for modelling communication. The outcomes of our research are new knowledge of language structure and use as well as implemented computational dialogue systems.

At the DSG, we emphasise the development of reusable linguistic resources and interoperable annotation of such data for speech and language processing. We aim to be theory neutral and strive to collaborate with a widest possible range of research centres and projects both locally and internationally.

The DSG is also intended to be a training centre for research students at MPhil and PhD levels in the broad areas of speech and language processing on the basis of linguistic corpora. We aim to provide necessary means and an appropriate environment to facilitate the successful completion by such students. We welcome exchange students from around the world.