City University of Hong Kong
The Dialogue Systems Group

Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics

Research Projects

A Remote-Access Multilingual Corpus-Based System for Linguistic Applications

J. Webster & A. Fang

The RAMCORP project is concerned with the design and development of data-driven spoken language dialogue systems that enable on-the-spot translation of terminologies and retrieval of resources.

The etymological composition of contemporary British English

A. Fang

Sentiment analysis of Chinese and English

A. Fang

Linguistic features of text types

A. Fang & N. Ide

Clinical instructions and interactions

W. Zhang

Imagery in poems from the Tang dynasty

A. Fang

A multilingual discourse analysis of museum texts

A. Fang

Hotel reception interactions

A. Fang, J. Webster, A. Melby, H. Bunt & M. Huckvale

Dialogue acts

A. Fang & H. Bunt

A cross-lingual study of noun classifiers in Chinese and Japanese

I. Chow


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