• RAMCORP (J. Webster & A. Fang)
    A Remote-Access Multilingual Corpus-Based System for Linguistic Applications
    The RAMCORP project is concerned with the design and development of data-driven spoken language dialogue systems that enable on-the-spot translation of terminologies and retrieval of resources.

  • The etymological composition of contemporary British English (A. Fang)

  • Sentiment analysis of Chinese and English (A. Fang)

  • Linguistic features of text types (A. Fang & N. Ide)

  • Clinical instructions and interactions (W. Zhang)

  • Imagery in poems from the Tang dynasty (A. Fang)

  • A multilingual discourse analysis of museum texts (A. Fang)

  • Hotel reception interactions (A. Fang, J. Webster, A. Melby, H. Bunt & M. Huckvale)

  • Dialogue acts (A. Fang & H. Bunt)

  • A cross-lingual study of noun classifiers in Chinese and Japanese (I. Chow)