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Term management system (TMS)

TMS is an online service centre in the domain of biomedicine. It provides the services of

  • Text base
  • Term extraction
  • Term base
  • Term translation and
  • Term retrieval.

The system is available at with a brief introduction.

Dialogue Systems

The following spoken language dialogue systems are publicly accessible:

Open Source Projects

Several software tools developed by the Dialogue Systems Group are available as open source projects. The most important of these projects is the DSG service base, which is used to implement Java services for dialogue systems and to achieve interoperability.

To browse and download the available source code, follow the link below:

Annotation tools
  • AUTASYS (POS tagging with LOB and ICE tagsets)
  • The Phrase Parser (phrase chunking)
  • The Survey Parser (syntactic parsing)
  • TQuery (sentence retrieval according to syntactic properties)
  • The DSG Syntax-Semantics Mapping System (under construction)
  • TreeView (a graphical tree editor)
  • Automatic Term Extractor (under construction)
  • The RAMCORP Dialogue System
    • for recognition of Hong Kong legal terms
    • for recognition of MESH terms
    • A text classification service, with a web interface


  • A corpus of helpdesk interactions
    • digitised speech
    • transcribed speech


  • A corpus of Public Media English
    • A Corpus of British Media English
    • A Corpus of Chinese Media Engilsh
  • A term-annotated corpus of MEDLINE abstracts
  • A term-annotated corpus of different text categories
  • A list of CED headwords with etymological information
  • A list of BNC words with etymological information
  • A general-purpose lexicon
    • pronunciation
    • syllabic chunking
    • POS
    • sense definition
    • grammatical frame
    • example
File Repository


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